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Ruby Grein

My passion is to work with individuals one-on-one and tailor services to each person's exact needs. With every visit, I'm able to further customize your treatment and prescribe follow-up care. I believe you deserve to have beautiful skin that is also healthy and nourished! 

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Ruby is an excellent guide into the world of beauty. She gave me wonderful advice as someone new to facials and the world of self-care. Not only is she witty and comforting, 

she's a bona fide professional who does her job with enthusiasm!

~ Stella, 22

Literally THE best esthetician a girl could ask for! Don’t even waste your time or money anywhere else! Ruby is so knowledgeable, helpful and sweet as can be! My skin has always been one of my biggest insecurities and the Red Gem products are doing it’s damn thing because for the first time in my adult life I’m loving my skin and it hasn’t even been a year yet since I started with her and her products. Don’t even get me started on my eyebrows because SHE SLAYS ME EACH. AND. EVERY.TIME! I can go on and on raving about the Red Gem but her work and products speak for it self! Don’t be shy and book her for ALL your skincare needs. Your skin will thank you! 

~ Scarlett, 22

Torture You Eagerly Come Back To

Full disclosure: my pain tolerance is basically non-existent. On the other hand, I really enjoy smooth, hairless skin. Shaving is very short lived, waxing leaves my skin red and sore for days. Sugaring is my way to go, so I had to find someone with great skills and a personality I couldn't get mad at, cause let's face it, the pain brings the worst out of us. I won the jackpot with Ruby. She's fast, professional, and delivers brilliant results, all while being empathetic and funny, which is a great distraction from the obvious pain of hair removal. I have been a returning client for a while now, and could not recommend Ruby more. Book an appointment now and thank me later.

~ Mea, 45

I have been going to Ruby for over a year now and absolutely love it. I get my legs sugar waxed and upper lip threaded. I have seen major results from both services, including hair thinning and slower growth after each appointment. She is very knowledgeable about all things skin and hair growth and provides you with the products and tips to keep you smooth and looking your best. Ruby is very personable and makes appointments fly by with great conversation. I recommend the Red Gem Salon for everything and anything that she provides!

~ Kaitlin, 26

Ruby is the absolute sweetest :) & she will have you leaving feeling so confident! I highly recommend going to The Red Gem  salon! 
I was using the face razors from target to remove my peach fuzz and wanted to try sugaring for my face & I will never go back to the razor! I felt like I had to use them numerous times throughout the week and I can get sugared every four weeks! It leaves my face feeling so smooth! Ruby also threads my eyebrows and always gets them perfectly shaped. I have struggled to find a toner that didn’t leave my face feeling extremely dry and Ruby hooked me up with her homemade toner that works wonders! I can’t wait to try other services at the red gem salon!

~ Daelyn, 24

Ever since I’ve been getting my face sugared my skin has been so smooth and my hair has been growing in finer. I highly recommend!!! When I get my legs sugared it lasts for so long and and they always look so smooth especially after using my shower exfoliating glove & moisturizing them. Legs be feeling like a baby’s bottom! And Ruby ALWAYS puts her foot in my eyebrows. She really is a miracle worker. If you want an esthetician who’s honest & has perfected her craft, Ruby is your girl! 

~ Aggie, 22

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