give your skin just what it needs 

Exfoliate, Hydrate
and Nourish.

Facials are all natural, organic, and jam packed with nutritious ingredients to help feed your skin from the inside out. The focus is on the health, healing, and restoring of your body’s natural beauty.

Relaxation Facial

Pamper your face, mind, and body with the Relaxation Facial. This deep cleansing, hydrating facial will leave your complexion glowing and your body relaxed. 

45 minutes | $60

Purifying and Moisturizing 

Pore Clearing

Give your skin the deep cleansing attention it deserves and say goodbye to congested skin. Whether you're dealing with clogged pores or inflamed acne, the Pore Clearing Facial is tailored to your skins needs to help correct, soothe, and heal. 

1 Hour | $65

For Acneic and Congested Skin 

Rejuvenation Facial

Truly rejuvenate your skin with the exfoliating treatment of the Rejuvenation Facial. All the pampering of the Relaxation Facial with the addition of your choice of exfoliating treatment : Enzyme Peel, Microdermabrasion, or Dermaplane.

1 Hour | $75+

Purifying, Exfoliating and Moisturizing

Dawn Lorraine “Light & Bright Facial”

Dawn Lorraine
 “Light & Bright Facial”

This botanical facial utilizes lightening, brightening and detoxifying ingredients that work together to remove pigmentation from sun damage and restore your skins beautiful, healthy glow. 

1 Hour +  | $80

Complexion Correction

Dehaz “Violets and Berries Antioxidant Facial”

Truly nurture and feed your skin from the outside in with this all natural, nutrient dense product line. Each formula offers high concentrations of antioxidants that work together to stop free radical damage, heal your skin, and brighten your complexion.

1 Hour +  | $100

Detoxing & Anti-Aging

NatPure “Skin Awakening CBD Renewal Clinical Facial”

This luxurious skin rejuvenating facial is clinically proven to reduce and prevent wrinkles. By utilizing the anti-inflammatory and regenerative powers of CBD + antioxidants, this restorative facial truly heals the skin, creating an amazing anti-aging treatment.

1.5 Hours  | $120

Anti-Aging & Age Management 

Treat & Go Facial

Skip the fluff and get straight to the treatment! A refreshing mini facial with your choice of exfoliating treatment for a quick and instant glow. 

30 minutes | $25 - $60

Chemical or Enzyme Peel: $25,   Microdermabrasion: $50,   Dermaplane  $60

Chemical or Enzyme Peel: $25
  Microdermabrasion: $45
Dermaplane  $50

Facial Add-Ons





Enzyme Peel


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