Brows and Lashes

enhance your natural brows & lashes

Threading, Tinting
and Henna

Begin with beautifully shaped brows, then save time every day by tinting and curling your natural brows and lashes, or create the illusion of thicker brows with Henna dye.

Brow Threading

Naturally enhance your facial contours by precisely removing unwanted hair giving you a clean, defined eyebrow.


Hair Removal and Shaping


Define your brows and/or lashes with the use of vegetable-based tinting, custom mixed to accent your natural hair color.

 Brows: $25, Lashes: $25

Enhance your natural brows and lashes.

Henna Brows

Create the illusion of a bolder, thicker eyebrow regardless of your brow hair density. Henna dye will tint your hair AND your skin to fill in any gaps you may have within your eyebrow. This treatment is perfect for anyone with sparse eyebrows or who desires a “penciled in” brow look. 


For a thicker, bolder brow

Eyelash Lift

Create a semi-permanent curl or “lift” to your natural eyelashes using perming technology. This beautiful curling method will make your natural lashes appear longer and more defined for weeks. 


A long-lasting eyelash curl

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