What is Sugaring? Why I’ll never shave again!

When it comes to annoying, time consuming tasks, shaving earns a spot on the top of the list. The whole ordeal must be done in the shower, and all of your hard work is ruined the second you catch a chill. We all know razor stubble is the worst sensation ever, and most people’s skin is far too sensitive to be able to handle daily shaving. The situation you’re left with is a stubbly body with a gradual five o’clock shadow. You’re probably going to tolerate the situation for the next 3-5 days until you repeat the process all over again. And again, and again, unless you go through lazy spells where you decide to just embrace wolf man status. None of this is an an ideal situation, so what if there was another option. What if instead you came to a beautiful office space where you sit back, sip a beverage and have your unwanted hair removed. A hair removal that would leave your skin bald for weeks. No longer would you experience a short term hair removal, but instead a stubble free alternative that lasts longer, grows back finer, and becomes less dense over time. 

This amazing alternative is Sugaring and the beautiful office space is the Red Gem. Sugaring is an all natural form of hair removal utilizing sugar, water & lemon which is melted together to create a golden, sticky, thick paste. This beautiful sugar paste is spread across the skin and quickly removed taking away unwanted hair as well as exfoliating away the dead skin cells leaving your skin with a smooth, polished finish. This smooth polished finish lasts for weeks, growing back in fine, sparse spots and gradually filling in with time. With sugaring you have the luxury of not having to worry about unwanted hair for weeks at a time while also skipping the sandpapery, stubble phase. In addition, the more you sugar, the less hair you will grow! Sugaring truly is a magical alternative to shaving, and it’s time for you to say goodbye to your Razor.

Click here to make your appointment with the Red Gem and never pick up a razor again. 

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